Pants off Movember

It’s Movember finally. I know there’s a lot of Mo-Meerkats and we can raise some awareness, not only for POR, but for all things Movember. We continue to help those with other serious illnesses and there are a lot of men that we honor in our lives. Maybe this is a chance to give them a salute and have fun while doing it. Our goal is to have a new salute each day to someone growing a terrible stachio!

POR Start Growing!

Here’s how to participate:

  1. Send your pic, or of someone you know growing, to
  2. Explain why you are growing – i.e. for my mom who beat cancer, for my dad who’s father had cancer, etc. It doesn’t have to be prostate or pancreatic, let’s inspire energy for all the different kinds of cancer out there. Or support someone you know.
  3. With these pics and posts we will have fun and post one a day. Send your updates and we will continue to post.
  4. If you want to support a movember’er check out Michigan Movember Meerkat Matt @

OK, big thing is you actually send us the pics and your own quotes, don’t hesitate. We can only make up so many things, so help us out. Thanks for being so pants off.

Movember, the month formerly known as November, is a moustache growing charity event held during November each year that raises funds and awareness for men’s health.


POR Story: Julissa Ramirez

Here’s a story about our friend Julissa Ramirez:

Julissa Ramirez has always been a fighter. Whether it be on the mats competing in Brazilian Jui Jitsu or currently in her fight against Hodgkins Lymphoma. 22 years of age, Julissa has a growing sense for adventure and the outdoors. Hiking, running, weight lifting is her passions and being diagnosed has hindered her from pursuing her passions.

Julissa aspires to become a nurse someday to give back to those who are not so fortunate. Her heart is so big and filled with love that anybody who comes in contact with her instantly is drawn to her. Her love of life is inspiring and her kindness is unmatched. Let’s fight for Julissa to overcome Hodgkins Lymphoma and for her to continue living this beautiful life cancer free.

To help, please use the donate button below:
Donate to Julissa’s Cause

POR Stories: Alexandra Nuttall-Smith

Pants Off Racing is a community that reached out to me (and my family) when tragedy hit in September 2013.

The news of my mom’s, Isolde Gates, Pancreatic Cancer, Stage IV diagnosis thankfully found it’s way to the P.O.R. Family.

I felt scared, panicked, uninformed, and alone. Within a week of my mother arriving to Los Angeles for her treatments (and to live out the rest of her life close to family) from her home in Florida, I was contacted by P.O.R. through their ever-growing network of supporters.

I was instantly not alone anymore. They supported my drive and desire to find my mom the best care possible. They gave me hope, positive feedback, and advice. They sent a long list of POR friends that were going through the same crisis we were.

I am still in touch with many on that list!!!! Over the year and a half, the ripple effect of the POR community was still resonating! My daughter was able to volunteer at the POR Almost 5 km. My mother met up with Nancy Pants a couple of times and they shared good giggles and stories (some of which I can only tell you in person!!!)

We were introduced to the Hirshberg Foundation through POR and in turn, my mother met up with more POR community members and Pancreatic Cancer survivors.

The POR community is about support, sharing, and hope. Most of all, they made certain we remained positive, cared for and thought of. With that, I will be forever grateful from the bottom of my heart.

The Pancreatic Cancer fight is not one to be fought alone. The energy from Pants Off Racing will fuel you to keep going and to never, ever give up.

-Alexandra Nuttall-Smith

Beloved daughter and caregiver of Isolde Gates (1943-2015)

POR Stories: Ilona Brown

Thanks to Pants Off Racing my children have not just one, but an entire family, of big brothers to look up to; male role models that continue to show up on a consistent basis.

In fact, P.O.R. came to the rescue so many times I’ve almost lost count! The first amazing thing they did was to track down a stuffed parrot that Max’s father had given him and which somehow got lost. Max was so upset to lose something so meaningful. I wish you could have seen his face when P.O.R. Meerkats showed up with the toy in hand…Pure joy!

When we moved across country to Boston P.O.R. showed their presence by coming over to help celebrate Max’s birthday, took both Max and Leo to the aquarium downtown, and then took me to dinner after.

When we moved back to California, they asked how they could be of help, spent time with my children playing tennis, going bowling, coming with us to the park. These are just a few examples of the concrete and meaningful ways P.O.R. has shown up in our life and made a difference to our family.

I will forever be grateful for the kindness shown by the entire extended Pants Off Racing team.

Thank you times a million.

In gratitude and joy,

-Ilona Brown

POR Stories: Tracy Aleckson

As a teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing, I get to follow my students through each grade level and therefore develop a special relationship[s] with my students and their families.

Two years [ago], two of my student’s Dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. After routine surgeries to fight the disease, chemo, seemed to keep spreading. Knowing what I know about pancreatic cancer, it’s a tough one to fight and as we headed into Christmas last year I knew that this could possibly be the last Christmas my sweet students would get to spend with their Dad. Dad was the breadwinner of the family so finances were spreading thin and at the young ages of just 7 & 8 years old, this just didn’t seem fair on so many levels.

I began to research different cancer organizations in hopes they could somehow help support this family. Email after email, most places didn’t offer financial assistance but more just support and then would give me more places to try. I didn’t give up… as I knew there had to be someone, somewhere that could help.

One of the organizations I communicated with couldn’t help, but they did ask me if I had heard of POR. Of course I had not and with that name, I’m pretty sure I would have remembered! ☺

From the moment I had spoken with POR I knew I had hit the jackpot. Their passion for Nancy Pants and honoring her with this amazing organization was clearly evident.

Though their impact hadn’t spread to Chicago area at that point, they were ready to put a team together and bless this family in ways I couldn’t. This happened very quickly and with the help and support of the Chicago team, we were able to hand deliver presents and bless this family for the holidays.

It was so fun to hear about all the amazing presents they received from both POR and the money I had collected from my family, colleagues and friends.

There is nothing more rewarding to me than paying it forward and connecting with a foundation who has the same philosophy. Their kindness and generosity did not stop there.

Fast forwarding four months, my student’s Dad lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. This placed another financial burden on this family and in true Meerkat-style, POR contributed to the GoFund Me page that was set up for this family so they could have the proper burial.

My student’s family is incredibly grateful to the POR foundation in supporting them through their journey. I feel incredibly blessed to have made this connection. Their passion and support for families battling pancreatic cancer is second to none. Knowing that 100% of their donations are used to bless families is simply remarkable.

Well done Pants of Racers and supporters. You truly are the BEST!

POR Stories: A note from Krista Callaghan

Pants Off Racing met us when my husband was quite sick, and I was trying to hold it together with a 1 year-old and a 4-year-old. There was so much to keep going between my husband’s treatment, my two babies, and my job. And then there was Christmas. It was a lot.

At the time, my kids were ranging from learning-to-walk to learning-to-read. I could make it home every night from the hospital to do homework and make sure they knew I was there, but I was extremely stressed about how to deliver a happy Christmas or have the festive spirit that you need for those early memories during a time they needed it most. My husband was in the final stages of pancreatic cancer, and POR managed to put a huge bright spot in a dark time, and I think my kids were able to feel a little of the childhood magic. POR made the time to figure out what each kid might like and to care about those preferences and to deliver in a very dramatic, every-kid-dreams-about-waking-up-to-this kind of way. It may seem material, but my kids were dealing with adult themes way above their pay grade, and I was–and still am–that they got to feel like kids during the holidays.

My husband had a very aggressive of PC, and after he passed, POR didn’t give up on us. I’m lucky to have a background and job where I can support my kids, but I have to focus on work in order to make sure we are all okay, and POR always offered babysitting. I also needed to move to a more affordable place and decided on Austin, Texas. POR stalked me in the best ways to find out how they could help. They were actually there the three days prior to moving to Austin so they could just help with my kids and sometimes took them places so I could pack. I was a newly single mom trying to figure out a lot of new things–like how to find time to pack and move–and POR made it manageable. But I would say, equally importantly, they also stayed with my daughters and me and check in on us regularly.

I know we aren’t ever totally alone. Nancy Amato passed on something deep. I felt it in her rum cakes;) but I also felt it the second I met her kids, and the organization that honors her. They have been there in the small moments when I could have been simply overwhelmed and have helped the three of us stay empowered and positive. My kids get excited when we are going to hang with them, and I’m choosing to not mention the endless slushy cups they get from them;) but these folks help when people need it the most, and then they never leave you alone! It’s great.