POR Stories: Tracy Aleckson

As a teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing, I get to follow my students through each grade level and therefore develop a special relationship[s] with my students and their families.

Two years [ago], two of my student’s Dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. After routine surgeries to fight the disease, chemo, etc..it seemed to keep spreading. Knowing what I know about pancreatic cancer, it’s a tough one to fight and as we headed into Christmas last year I knew that this could possibly be the last Christmas my sweet students would get to spend with their Dad. Dad was the breadwinner of the family so finances were spreading thin and at the young ages of just 7 & 8 years old, this just didn’t seem fair on so many levels.

I began to research different cancer organizations in hopes they could somehow help support this family. Email after email, most places didn’t offer financial assistance but more just support and then would give me more places to try. I didn’t give up… as I knew there had to be someone, somewhere that could help.

One of the organizations I communicated with couldn’t help, but they did ask me if I had heard of POR. Of course I had not and with that name, I’m pretty sure I would have remembered! ☺

From the moment I had spoken with POR I knew I had hit the jackpot. Their passion for Nancy Pants and honoring her with this amazing organization was clearly evident.

Though their impact hadn’t spread to Chicago area at that point, they were ready to put a team together and bless this family in ways I couldn’t. This happened very quickly and with the help and support of the Chicago team, we were able to hand deliver presents and bless this family for the holidays.

It was so fun to hear about all the amazing presents they received from both POR and the money I had collected from my family, colleagues and friends.

There is nothing more rewarding to me than paying it forward and connecting with a foundation who has the same philosophy. Their kindness and generosity did not stop there.

Fast forwarding four months, my student’s Dad lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. This placed another financial burden on this family and in true Meerkat-style, POR contributed to the GoFund Me page that was set up for this family so they could have the proper burial.

My student’s family is incredibly grateful to the POR foundation in supporting them through their journey. I feel incredibly blessed to have made this connection. Their passion and support for families battling pancreatic cancer is second to none. Knowing that 100% of their donations are used to bless families is simply remarkable.

Well done Pants of Racers and supporters. You truly are the BEST!