Pants off Movember

It’s Movember finally. I know there’s a lot of Mo-Meerkats and we can raise some awareness, not only for POR, but for all things Movember. We continue to help those with other serious illnesses and there are a lot of men that we honor in our lives. Maybe this is a chance to give them a salute and have fun while doing it. Our goal is to have a new salute each day to someone growing a terrible stachio!

POR Start Growing!

Here’s how to participate:

  1. Send your pic, or of someone you know growing, to
  2. Explain why you are growing – i.e. for my mom who beat cancer, for my dad who’s father had cancer, etc. It doesn’t have to be prostate or pancreatic, let’s inspire energy for all the different kinds of cancer out there. Or support someone you know.
  3. With these pics and posts we will have fun and post one a day. Send your updates and we will continue to post.
  4. If you want to support a movember’er check out Michigan Movember Meerkat Matt @

OK, big thing is you actually send us the pics and your own quotes, don’t hesitate. We can only make up so many things, so help us out. Thanks for being so pants off.

Movember, the month formerly known as November, is a moustache growing charity event held during November each year that raises funds and awareness for men’s health.