POR Story: Julissa Ramirez

Here’s a story about our friend Julissa Ramirez:

Julissa Ramirez has always been a fighter. Whether it be on the mats competing in Brazilian Jui Jitsu or currently in her fight against Hodgkins Lymphoma. 22 years of age, Julissa has a growing sense for adventure and the outdoors. Hiking, running, weight lifting is her passions and being diagnosed has hindered her from pursuing her passions.

Julissa aspires to become a nurse someday to give back to those who are not so fortunate. Her heart is so big and filled with love that anybody who comes in contact with her instantly is drawn to her. Her love of life is inspiring and her kindness is unmatched. Let’s fight for Julissa to overcome Hodgkins Lymphoma and for her to continue living this beautiful life cancer free.

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