POR Stories: Alexandra Nuttall-Smith

Pants Off Racing is a community that reached out to me (and my family) when tragedy hit in September 2013.

The news of my mom’s, Isolde Gates, Pancreatic Cancer, Stage IV diagnosis thankfully found it’s way to the P.O.R. Family.

I felt scared, panicked, uninformed, and alone. Within a week of my mother arriving to Los Angeles for her treatments (and to live out the rest of her life close to family) from her home in Florida, I was contacted by P.O.R. through their ever-growing network of supporters.

I was instantly not alone anymore. They supported my drive and desire to find my mom the best care possible. They gave me hope, positive feedback, and advice. They sent a long list of POR friends that were going through the same crisis we were.

I am still in touch with many on that list!!!! Over the year and a half, the ripple effect of the POR community was still resonating! My daughter was able to volunteer at the POR Almost 5 km. My mother met up with Nancy Pants a couple of times and they shared good giggles and stories (some of which I can only tell you in person!!!)

We were introduced to the Hirshberg Foundation through POR and in turn, my mother met up with more POR community members and Pancreatic Cancer survivors.

The POR community is about support, sharing, and hope. Most of all, they made certain we remained positive, cared for and thought of. With that, I will be forever grateful from the bottom of my heart.

The Pancreatic Cancer fight is not one to be fought alone. The energy from Pants Off Racing will fuel you to keep going and to never, ever give up.

-Alexandra Nuttall-Smith

Beloved daughter and caregiver of Isolde Gates (1943-2015)