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[rescue_column size=”one-half” position=”first”] Half Itaque officiis totam? Veritatis itaque molestias. Auctor sociosqu phasellus molestiae tempora vulputate? Animi fringilla provident, dictum atque aute habitant fugit duis illo lacus pellentesque, sint ullam ad laoreet! Dictumst aperiam, cupiditate risus, cursus volutpat, pharetra deserunt … Read More

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The style guide provides you with a blueprint of Community Center’s default post and page styles. The style guide is also a great reference for suggested typographic treatment and styles for your content. Typography Treatment Community Center pays special attention … Read More


┬áPants Off Racing (POR) We’re a group of high energy, fun loving, sports enthusiasts dedicated to helping pancreatic cancer victims and their families. Our mission is to provide financial, logistical, and moral support directly to families impacted by this disease. … Read More



2013 Almost 10k Recap

Our inaugural Almost 10k in 2013 was the catalyst for family gatherings, new friendships, and a whole lot of fun. (There was some running involved too.) Race Results Check your finishing times using this link: Finishing Times Pictures We’ve got … Read More

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